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Yale YPL02 Heavy-Duty Cylindrical Indicator Lever Lock, Privacy Function

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Secure your commercial restroom door with this reliable Yale YPL02 Heavy-Duty Cylindrical Indicator Lever Lock. BHMA/ANSI Grade-1 certified, it's heavy-duty and built for high-use applications, and the only indicator-lever lock on the market. Enjoy added peace of mind knowing you can keep the door secure and shut.

The Yale YPL Series cylindrical lock with status indicators is designed to offer enhanced privacy and ease of use in commercial applications. Here are the key features of this lock:

  1. Patent pending: The lock incorporates innovative technology that is currently awaiting patent approval.

  2. ANSI/BHMA Certified Grade 1: The lock meets the highest industry standards for security, durability, and performance.

  3. UL/cUL listed for 3-hour doors: The lock is tested and certified by UL (Underwriters Laboratories) and cUL (Canadian Underwriters Laboratories) for use on fire-rated doors that require a 3-hour fire rating.

  4. ADA compliant: The lock adheres to the accessibility guidelines set by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), ensuring it can be used comfortably by individuals with disabilities.

  5. Visual status indicators in rose: The lock features bold green and red symbols on the rose (the circular plate around the lock cylinder) to indicate whether the lock is vacant or occupied. This visual indicator allows users to quickly determine the lock status at a glance.

  6. Cylindrical lock construction: The lock is built using a cylindrical design, which enhances its durability and longevity. Cylindrical locks are known for their robustness and suitability for high-traffic environments.

  7. Available in four finishes: The lock is offered in four different finishes, namely 605, 613E, 626, and BSP. These finishes provide options to match the lock with the surrounding aesthetics and decor.

  8. 3-year mechanical warranty: The lock comes with a 3-year warranty for any mechanical defects or malfunctions, providing peace of mind to the users.

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