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Commercial Bathroom Spaces Never Looked Better.

Outfit your commercial projects with high-quality bathroom partitions, accessories, and door hardware + enjoy expert, honest guidance throughout the process. 

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Bathrooms are our forte.

We share your goal—to create beautiful, functional bathrooms with partitions and accessories that will wear well and add value. And we know how to pull it off.

Get guidance from the pros

Speak to our reps and discover a world where your vendor has your best interests in mind.
We help you select quality, attractive products that will beautify your project and last over time. We happily work with designers, providing color charts and shipping color samples to eliminate your guesswork.

From standard stock options to custom, high-end projects, we’ll bring any vision you have to fruition.

Enjoy support throughout the process

When you speak to a team member, you’re talking to a boots-on-the-ground local industry professional. And the relationship we form when you reach out continues throughout project completion — and beyond.
Plus, for projects in the tri-state area, take advantage of our professional installation offer. Our experienced installers provide speedy, efficient work that stays within contractor timelines. Get the service and expertise you — and your project — deserve.

Experience perfectionism in every detail

When you team up with Island Supply, you say goodbye to faceless automation and work with real professionals who help you craft your ultimate bathroom spaces, within your budget and timeline. You get 20 years of niche industry expertise channeled into your every project.
We stand behind our products 100% and go above and beyond to continue giving you the Island experience long after we wrap up your project. 

You may be wondering

How long does it take to get a quote for my project?

You’ll receive your guaranteed quote within 24 business hours.

What are the typical lead times for projects?

1-2 weeks. Custom projects may entail longer lead times, typically 3-4 weeks.

How much flexibility is there with the design options?

The sky’s the limit! We can create any look, and will work with your designer to design the perfect space for your needs.

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