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Koala Kare KB310-SSWM Stainless Steel Baby Changing Station

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Mounting: Wall Mounted
Style: Horizontal
Color: Stainless Steel
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  • KOALA KARE® KB310-SSWM stainless steel clad, surface-mounted, horizontal-folding baby changing station with grey polypropylene interior (Newly designed in late 2021 / replaces the discontinued KB110-SSWM)
  • Built to meet or exceed the stringent standards set by public and private regulatory agencies.
  • Steel-on-steel hinge mechanism meets ASTM and EN safety standards when properly installed.
  • Concealed gas spring / pneumatic cylinder mechanism ensures smooth, controlled opening and closing.
  • Built-in, locking, dual-cavity liner dispenser with integrated spring tab for "one-at-a-time" dispensing.  Either cavity can dispense sanitary liners (KB150-99) and/or diaper disposal sacks (KB160).
  • Includes an impervious TPU child safety strap (replaceable).
  • Includes an external (wall-mounted & not integrated into changing station) stainless steel hook for bags or purse (Part# 310-54).
  • Exclusive to KOALA KARE® products, the bed surface contains Microban® antimicrobial additive permanently embedded into the plastic, reducing damaging & odor causing microbial growth.
  • Backed by Manufacturer's Five-Year Limited Warranty on Materials and Workmanship
  • Made in the U.S.A
  • PLEASE NOTE: Sanitary Liners (optional) also available for use with this item. See separate listing by this seller. Box of 500 liners for $40.69 with shipping included.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Disposable diaper bags (optional) also available for use with this item.  See separate listing by this seller - The Diaper Pouch™ of 175 bags for $32 with shipping included.


  • Width x Height: 41-15/32” x 26-11/32” (1053 mm x 669 mm)
  • Depth from Wall Surface (closed, excluding handles): 4-1/8” (105 mm)
  • Depth from Wall Surface (closed, including handles): 6-9/16” (167 mm)
  • Depth from Wall Surface (extended open): 21-1/4” (540 mm)

Materials & Finish

  • Exterior Front Panel & Skirt:  Deep-Drawn, One-Piece 20GA (0.91 mm) Stainless Steel with Brushed (No. 304) Finish
  • Exterior Flange and "Recess" Pan: Deep-Drawn, One-Piece 18GA (1.2 mm) Stainless Steel with Brushed (No. 304) Finish
  • Exterior Handles: Injection Molded Aluminum with Satin Stainless Steel Finish (replaceable)
  • Interior Chassis (Frame & Hinge Mechanism): 11GA Steel
  • Interior:  Grey Polypropylene with Microban® (exclusive to Koala®)
  • External Bag Hook (KB310-54): Solid Stainless Steel Rod (7/8" diameter) with Brushed (No. 304) Finish

This newly designed, durable, and very attractive baby changing station (the KOALA® KB310-SSWM) has an exterior front panel (20GA) and a flange / "recess" pan (18GA) that are crafted from one-piece, deep-drawn, seamless stainless steel with uniform grain and a No. 304 brushed (satin) finish.  Being made of one stainless steel piece, all seams, sharp edges, and weld lines are eliminated; the modern aesthetic is unparalleled.  An updated KOALA® logo is laser etched into the stainless front panel.  And with no visible plastic or adhesive labels applied to the front of the station, there's nothing to interfere with the beauty of the stainless. The interior bed is made of injection-molded, high-density polypropylene (GREY in color) with MICROBAN® antimicrobial additive permanently embedded into the plastic. It is easy to clean and resistant to odors and both fungal & bacteria growth.  In addition, a newly-designed, built-in, locking, two-cavity dispenser for sanitary liners (KB150-99) and/or diaper disposal sacks (KB160) is conveniently located just above the changing surface when folded open.  With the new integrated spring tab, only one liner is dispensed at a time.  Total capacity of the dispenser is approximately 50 liners if both cavities are used for liners.  Neither liners nor diaper bags are included, but are available for purchase. See separate listings for these items in "Liners & Accessories". 

The Koala® KB310-SSWM changing station is designed to be installed directly on to an existing wall surface using the included hardware. Six pre-drilled mounting holes in the back wall of the unit are designed for wood screws (provided) into wood studs on 16" centers.  For installation on walls that do not have wood studs 16" on center or metal studs or concrete block, specialized fasteners or toggle fasteners may need to be obtained by the owner locally.  Installation instructions (provided) address these different wall materials / scenarios. The station folds down horizontally so that the adult is facing the wall while changing the infant whose is laying parallel to the wall.  With a reinforced metal-on-metal hinge running the full length of the station and a 11GA steel mounting chassis, the KB310-SSWM meets all ASTM requirements for static load performance when properly installed. Although designed for infants that weigh no more than 50 lbs. and 3.5 years of age, in testing the KB310-SSWM easily supported 300 lbs. with minimal deflection of the "bed" from horizontal. A pneumatic cylinder provides for easy, slow, and controlled opening and closing of the bed, requiring less than 5lbs of force. Both the pneumatic cylinder and metal hinge mechanism are fully concealed (regardless of bed position) to eliminate tampering and possible pinch hazard. Graphics and safety messages are provided in four (4) different languages. 

The contoured changing surface area is 535 sq. in. (3452 sq. cm) and comes complete with a impervious, replaceable thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) safety strap.  Also included is an external bag hook (KB310-54) made from a solid stainless steel rod (7/8 in dia.) that is to be mounted on the wall next to the changing station, allowing for safe storage of and easy access to purse or diaper bag.  When open the changer extends out from the wall face 21-1/4” (540 mm).  And when properly installed, this changer complies with the highest Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), American National Standards Institute (ANSI), and Texas Accessibility Standards (TAS) regulations.

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