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WORLD DRYER® Q-972A2 VERDEdri® Polished (Bright) Stainless Steel Hand Dryer

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WORLD DRYER® Q-972A2 VERDEdri® Hand Dryer -  Polished (Bright) Stainless Steel Cover, Automatic, Surface-Mounted ADA Compliant, Universal Voltage


  • Fast Drying time (12 to 15 seconds); 225 mph max airspeed.

  • 30% Quieter than the previous VERDEdri® generation (Q-972A); only 69dB without hands present.
  • Automatic, Infrared Sensor Activated - no need to touch any surface on the hand dryer

  • Surface-mounted ADA compliant - protrudes only 4” from the wall in compliance with ADA requirements, suitable for Disabled accessible washrooms.  No need to buy a recessed Kit or cut a hole in the wall to comply with ADA applications.

  • Cover available in 2 Material & 4 Different Color/Finish options:  Aluminum with White Epoxy, Aluminum with Black Epoxy, Bright (Polished) Stainless Steel , & Satin (Brushed) Stainless Steel - this listing is for the Q-972A2 Polished Stainless Steel.

  • High intensity single port nozzle

  • Energy efficient utilizing only 950 watts of power (1150 Watts at 277V)

  • HEPA Filter: The built-in, replaceable HEPA Filter removes 99.97% of particles 0.3µm or larger suspended in the intake air, improving bathroom air quality.

  • Adjustable three speed controls to customize drying time, sound level and energy savings

  • Truly Universal voltage – accepts 110 Volt to 277 VAC input and adjusts automatically, saving installation time

  • Incorporates Antimicrobial Technology inhibiting the growth of bacteria, mold and fungus extending the dryer’s service life

  • IP24 rating - protection against harmful water ingress

  • Replaceable motor brushes extends product life

  • 10 years limited warranty (excludes filter, motor brushes & accent lighting)

  • UL®, CSA®, ETL® and CE® approved

  • Durable and vandal resistant with 2 vandal-proof screws and lock with Special wrench

  • Optional adapter kit for top-entry surface-mounted conduit (See separately listing for WORLD DRYER® 17-10310 Adapter Kit).

At only 3.9” thick, the World Dryer Q-Series VERDEdri is not only compact and stylish but can be surface-mounted and still meet ADA compliance for 4” protrusion into a primary walk-way or traffic corridor.  With no need to recess this unit or buy a separate recess kit, installation is much less expensive and much less difficult. Another unique feature of the Model Q is the hidden switch that allows the owner the option of two motor speeds. With this one variable, the owner can customize dry time, sound level, & energy consumption to fit any specific application. The VERDEdri comes equipped with replaceable HEPA filter, removing 99.97% of air contaminants of 0.3 microns or larger. The air returned to the room is actually cleaner than the air taken in. Durable and vandal-resistant, the Q-Series has a die-cast aluminum, chrome-plated back/wall mounting plate. Specific to the Model Q-972A2 VERDEdri, the cover is made of stainless steel that is polished to produce a bright, mirror-like finish. Coated with a patented anti-microbial additive (called SteriTouch), the cover is resistant to the growth of harmful organisms such as bacteria, mold, & fungi. Two tamper-proof screws securely attach the cover to the wall mounting plate. The universal voltage, brush-type motor operates just as efficiently when connected to110V/120V, 208V, 220V/240V or 277V. Motor brushes are replaceable, further extending the life of this already durable unit. At an remarkable speed of 31,000 RPM, it is capable of producing an air velocity of 19,800 linear feet per minute or 225 mile per hour (64 CFM air volume) and a temperature increase of 60°F at hand level (approx. 4 in. below nozzles). Both the motor and the NiChrome wire heating element are touchlessly activated by an infrared sensor. Dry time varies on the motor speed selected, but the length of the run time is determined by the user. As soon as the user's hands are removed from under the unit, the drying cycle is stopped. Extremely efficient, the Q-972A2 utilizes only 950 Watts (1150 Watts at 277V) and has an impressive water ingress rating of IP24. Mounting instructions and warranty information are included. The World VERDEdri intelligently combines the high performance your customers demand, energy efficiency you demand, and the compact size that ADA requires, all without the hassle or expense that a recessed unit necessitates.

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