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Accentra 7110F x 36 - Fire Rated Surface Vertical Rod Exit Device.

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Color: 630-Stainless Steel
Style: RHR

The 7110(F) is a surface vertical rod exit device to be used on
wide stile or flush doors up to 8' (fire) and 10' (panic) where
two-point latching is desired.
• Designed for wide stile and flush doors
• Handed. Specify hand (field reversible)
• Bottom deadbolt for secure latching
• Fully adjustable roller strike
• Pairs of doors
• Double egress
• Metal, wood or composite door materials
Door Opening Width
-24 for 24" (60cm) doors
-36 for 30" - 36" (76cm - 91cm) doors
-48 for 36" - 48" (91cm - 122cm) doors
Optional sizes can be special ordered. Consult Technical Product Support.
Door Opening Height Standard door height 7' (213cm), with the device centerline at 39-15/16" (101cm) from floor. Optional heights up to
8' (fire) and 10' (panic) available by using rod extensions. For fire rated openings over 8', see 7170F SVR.
Door Thickness 1-3/4" (44mm) standard. Optional door thicknesses available to 4-1/2"; specify door thickness when ordering.
Minimum Stile Width 4-1/2" (114mm)
Projection 3-1/4" (83mm) active, 2-3/4" (70mm) dogged
Latchbolt Top: 3/4" (19mm) throw, pullman-type with automatic deadlatching
Bottom: 5/8" (16mm) throw deadbolt, held retracted during door swing
Vertical Rods 1/2" O.D. tubular brass, bronze or stainless steel with rod guides
Strike Top: Roller type 791. Bottom: Flush mounted 790. 794 floor strike optional (threshold openings).
Fasteners Machine screws and wood door fasteners standard for panic hardware. Sex nuts and bolts supplied standard for fire
exit hardware.
Trims 620F series escutcheon trim, 630F series pull/thumbpiece trim, 680F series offset pull trim, 540F series rose trim.
See pages 22-24.
ANSI/BHMA Certified A156.3 Type 2, Grade 1
UL/cUL FVSR/FVSR7 - Panic hardware; GXHX/GXHX7 - Fire exit hardware (F) (8' x 8' pairs, 3 hr.)
Dogging Hex key dogging supplied standard on panic devices
Options Cylinder dogging, shim kit #724, sex nuts and bolts, rod extensions, bottom pullman latch (panic only)
MicroShield®, Lum

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