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Bobrick B-357 ClassicSeries Partition Mounted Seat Cover Dispenser Sanitary Napkin Disposal & Toilet Tissue Dispenser

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The Bobrick B-357 ClassicSeries Partition Mounted Seat Cover Dispenser, Sanitary Napkin Disposal, and Toilet Tissue Dispenser is a versatile unit designed for restroom partitions. Here are the key features of this dispenser:

  1. Construction and Finish: The dispenser is constructed using Type-304 stainless steel, which offers durability and corrosion resistance. All welded joints ensure strength and durability. The exposed surfaces have a satin finish, providing a sleek and professional appearance.

  2. Dual Access and Service: The unit is centrally mounted through the toilet partition, allowing access from both sides of the partition. However, it is serviced from one side for convenience during maintenance.

  3. Seat Cover Dispenser: The unit has a 0.8-gallon (3.0-L) capacity, accommodating 250 seat covers. This feature promotes cleanliness and hygiene by providing easy access to seat covers for restroom users.

  4. Toilet Tissue Dispenser: The unit has two compartments for standard core tissue rolls. This allows for easy access to toilet tissue for restroom users, ensuring their convenience and satisfaction.

  5. Key-Operated Door: The dispenser door is locked with a key and swings open for easy filling. This design feature simplifies the process of refilling seat covers and toilet tissue rolls.

  6. Theft-Resistant Spindles: The unit is designed with theft-resistant spindles to help deter vandalism and theft of seat covers and toilet tissue.

  7. Rough Partition Opening: The recommended rough partition opening for installing the unit is 15 1/2" width and 28 7/8" height (395 x 735mm). These dimensions indicate the minimum space required within the partition for proper installation.

The Bobrick B-357 ClassicSeries Partition Mounted Seat Cover Dispenser, Sanitary Napkin Disposal, and Toilet Tissue Dispenser offers a comprehensive solution for restroom partitions. Its combination of seat cover dispenser, sanitary napkin disposal, and toilet tissue dispenser functionality, along with its durable construction, makes it suitable for high-traffic restrooms.


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