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Bobrick B-273-103 Theft Resistant Spindle for ClassicSeries Toilet Tissue Dispensers

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283-604 Theft-Resistant Spindle

The Theft-Resistant Spindle is a meticulously designed molded plastic spindle that comes with a concealed locking feature. This unique design ensures that after the rolls are depleted, the spindle can only be removed with a special key that is furnished with the product, making it theft-resistant. This spindle is available as an option or a replacement part for Bobrick surface-mounted or recessed toilet tissue dispensers.

Key Features:

  • Concealed Locking: The spindle is equipped with a concealed locking feature for added security.
  • Molded Plastic Design: Durable and long-lasting molded plastic construction.
  • Special Key Furnished: Comes with a unique key for spindle removal after roll depletion.
  • Versatile Use: Suitable for Bobrick surface-mounted or recessed toilet tissue dispensers.
  • Theft-Resistant: Designed to deter theft and unauthorized access.

Technical Information:

Attribute Details
Manufacturer Bobrick
Model 283-604
Material Molded Plastic
Function Theft-Resistant Spindle for Toilet Dispensers

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