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ASI 0462-Ad-9 Paper Towel Dispenser & Waste Receptacle - Surface Mounted

SKU 0462-AD-9
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[Product Title and Model Number]

[Product Title and Model Number]

[Product Description]

Key Features:

  • Surface Mounted Design: [Description of the surface-mounted paper towel dispenser and waste receptacle]
  • Efficient Dispensing: [Description of the efficient paper towel dispensing mechanism]
  • Integrated Waste Receptacle: [Description of the built-in waste receptacle for convenience]
  • Durable Construction: [Description of the durable materials used for longevity]

Technical Information:

Manufacturer: [Manufacturer Name]
Dimensions: Width: [Width] inches
Depth: [Depth] inches
[Additional Dimensions if available]

If you need information on caring for and maintaining this product, please refer to the Product Care and Maintenance Guide.

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