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Rixson 195 626 Offset Pivot Set

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-Exterior or Interior Doors
-Weight to 450lbs.
-Door Width up to 4'0"

-180 top pivot included
-119 or M19 intermediate pivot recommended (order separately)
-3/4" offset (measured from centerline of pivot to face of door)
-Door edges must be beveled 1/8" in 2
-Bottom pivot mortised into side jamb
-Pivot set can be vertically adjusted up to 3/16" after installation without the use of shims
-Non-ferrous base material
-Weight of door is borne by floor portion
-Doors will swing 180 degrees, trim permitting
-Doors 60" to 90" in height should use one intermediate pivot. Each additional 30" of door height warrants another intermediate pivot
-Furnished with wood and machine screws

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